(Welcome back? Where did I go?)

Oh I’ve always been here. Performing occasionally, supporting constantly. Now I’m starting to teach!

Teaching is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. But life, as we all know it, has a way of getting in…the way. I certainly have felt it! Work, my kids, grad school…it never ends!! When would I have time? When will I be ready to take it on?
Well, when are we are ever “ready” for anything? If I waited for myself to feel “ready,” I’d never have done burlesque in the first place! (Or had my kids. Or gone back to school…)

So, this my year of ready. This is my year of getting out of my own way. This is my year of being fearless! I’m taking baby steps, but they are steps nonetheless, and I’m excited for it!

So yeah! This page is back and being re-branded to support my burlesque teaching endeavors! Stay tuned for upcoming workshops (like this one), performances, and fun shows I’ll be supporting as well!

Thanks for sticking with me for (10! ack!) years! I look forward to my Year of Being Fearless (tm. not really) and having you all along with me!